Sunday, February 19, 2012


I'm not one that has to go out and get something new to wear for the holidays...let me rephrase that...not every holiday (some I do!), but I was looking for shoes for my husband and found the cutest little T-shirt at Macy's for Valentines Day! It's white with Love on it, hearts and a little bling! The price wasn't the best, but did I say how cute it was???...Oh well.... Of course my daughter "needed" a new cute little T as well, so we decided to make some ourselves! Out to Target we went where all of their solid T's are $5 bucks, moved onto JoAnn's where we scooped up some little bling dots ($9.99 for a big sheet, but used my 40% off coupon), iron on letters ($3.99) and a few sheets of felt (.25 cents each!) I think they turned out pretty cute for not much time and under $8 bucks each!!! Gotta love it! Simple, yet fun!!!