Friday, May 4, 2012

What to expect here~

I've been on a mission of organization for the past few weeks for my home, work, cooking...why shouldn't my blog be in there somewhere?? I see no reason either! Some days I have bloggers block and others I have too many things I want to post in one day! Sooooo....I'm putting a little organization it in! Not to mention you'll know what to expect from me here when you come to
visit {smile!}!
I like to play on the letter of the's what I'm thinking...

Monday "Made for Monday" ~ Anything crafty or creative that I've done
Tuesday "Tinkering Tuesday" ~ Anything goes this day!! Whatever I'm tinkering on or in...
Wednesday "What's good to eat Wednesday"~ Any yummy recipes I have to have in my tummy!
Thursday "Through the Lens Thursday" ~I'm trying to get better at photography: This will be
photos I want to share or others that I've come across n' love! Anything photography!
Friday "Fabulous Finds Friday"~ What I find that others have done that I love {possibly need
to re-create} and needs to be shared!!
& Sunday Family Time {although I proabably can't resist linking up to a party or two}

Since today is Friday, there's no better time than the present!!!

My first find is one that I'm definitely going to be re-creating in my craft room!! This cleverly crafty woman has created a no sew window treatment! Love it!! How fun would this be for any room??!!

Love this Desiree!!! The 36th Avenue