Friday, May 18, 2012

Awards Always Welcome!~

Last week I found this wonderful award in my inbox~thanks to the very sweet JoJo at Tahoma Beadwork & Photography! I'm very grateful and honored!!

                                             When getting this award you have to:
                                             1.) pass it onto 6 other blogs
                                             2.) Share 10 little tidbits about yourself that others probably don't know.

It's wonderful getting a surprise like this, but boy is it HARD for me to narrow it down to only 6 I can pass it onto! There are too many wonderful blogs out there that I enjoy! I wish I could list more, but here we go....
                                          1. Kelly @ Live Laugh Rowe
                                          2. Whitney @ A Mommy's Life with a touch of Yellow
                                          3. Lori @ Bleak 2 Unique
                                          4. Sarah @ Crafting and Creativity
                                          5. Kathryn @ Destination: Craft
                                          6. Jessica @ Stay at Home-ista

{I looked around to see if they'd received this already... not that I could find, but IF I find out they have I'll pick someone else!}

Now 10 things about me that you more than likely don't know....
1. I can not wear high heels! I'm not a "high heel kinda girl". I walk funny and it flat out feels weird!
2. I'll do everything I can NOT to pump gas. I'll leave it darn near as empty as it can get if I know my husband will be taking my car! He can fill it! (;
3. I dread going to the post office. I'll be late getting gifts out simply because I dread going and take forever to stop in!
4. My house usually appears to be clean, but beware of my drawers! They are soooo not!
5. I could seriously eat Snickers bars for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
6. Ok, yes this is true, I'm scared of the dark! I'll turn lights on as I go!
7. I love the smell of fresh cut grass! Good thing I don't have allergies!
8. I have the nose of a hound dog and bad breath is a huge pet peeve!
9. Driving by myself I'm truly my own Rock Star! Top of my lungs type!
10. I love my iphone! My husband n' daughter talked me into it and now I can't be without it!

The blogs listed above are fun, crafty and entertaining! Go visit these ladies and show them some bloggy love!
Thanks again JoJo!!