Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mmm.. Zebra Cheesecake

Who doesn't love cake!???...It should seriously be a crime if ya don't! My niece would rather indulge in other types of desserts, one in particular~cheesecake! So every year I try to come up with something to make it a little more "person specific" when we celebrate family birthdays, since the month I have there's 3 celebrating! This is one of the goodies I came up with using Cheesecake.
No way would I even attempt to make a cheesecake myself, so I got this one from Costco. {They have a good one!} I bought the fondant from Micheal's. It comes in a big "mound", so I rolled it out to aprx. a 1/4" thick and then cut "zebra stripes" out of it. I thought I was doing a pretty great job until I went and checked on it an hour before the party! UGGG!!...It started to "run"!!
I thought since it was in the refrigerator that it would be cold enough not too...WRONG!
I had to come up with a quick fix and fast, so I grabbed the extra frosting and pipped it along all of the stripes. It actually gave it kind of a "fuzzy" look more like a zebra! In the end, it was probably a good thing that it ran!~ Made for a cuter "cake"!!
My niece is all about animal print, so under her cheesecake were fuzzy pieces of fabric for an added touch! Along side every cake I put a chalk picture frame with a picture of each kid at their first birthday!! They all took the frames home! see frame here  I love parties!!