Monday, May 7, 2012

Made for Monday #1

Having an idea of what I was posting today makes me feel more organized already!! Whew!~

If you've been following my blog you've seen the chalk wall  I did in my daughters bedroom. I wasn't thrilled about the hot pink chalk dust all over the baseboards or carpet and something else NEEDED to be done! I FINALLY got around to redoing it and I LOVE~LOVE~LOVE it now!! Dry erase is the way to go!!!

Starting with a dark black chalk board I've learned: I should have used a primer, not just sanding! I wouldn't of had to use 4 coats of dry erase paint, which is 3 cans!
I left the branch up top to give a stopping point and make it look more finished. Otherwise it could go to the ceiling and then what do you do with the transitions from wall to above the door....??
I should have shared a picture with writing on it! Maybe I'll do that when I get home!!

There's an actual can of dry erase paint. You can get it at Home Depot and Walmart. I'm sure there are other places, that's just where I went! It comes with 2 cans: you pour one into the other, mix and use it within ONE HOUR of mixing! Trust me, it's one hour!!...Or you end up waiting for it to dry completely and having to add another coat!!
Do not write on it for at least 48 hours! I've found that if you do, it doesn't want to come off~ at all!!
Thank you for coming to visit today!!