Friday, October 5, 2012

Sweet Spider Eggs!!

Ok, I've been having some fun today!

Keeping with the spider theme from the last post {JoJo, I know you'll love!} I made fun Halloween treats for my daughter and her friends! There's nothing wrong with the traditional candy, but as a crafter, I like to make something different! I wanted to make them for her entire class but that would get a little spendy {container $.99 / rub-on $.99/plus candy x 26 kiddos}! Maybe next year if I can find everything on sale after the holiday! {fingers crossed!}

I found all of the goodies to make this one at  my favorite craft store, Ben Franklin! They have the sixlets in all different colors {$4.99}which is so fun!!  These look yellow, but they're actually a neon green!  You could put any candy in the little "test tube" with another rub-on or ribbon {or both!}. I got a few extra for Valentine's Day and already have the idea cookin' in my head!

I found a world of fun stuff to add to my crafting collection today! Did I need it all, hmmm..probably not, but did I go ahead and get it, YEP! Yes, I should have been working,'s nice out, my daughters at school, husbands at work...I TOOK THE DAY OFF! {Good thing my hubby doesn't read this!} Oh, and I have to go back tomorrow! Yes, HAVE TO! They're having a customer appreciation day and I have a 40% off coupon and 20% off your total! I always say, ya have to spend money to save money! If ya realllllly think's a true statement!!

Speaking of Ben Franklin...stay tuned for my picture collage wall...I'll be sharing it over on their blog!! I'm sooooo excited!! {SQUEAL!!}

Have a GREAT weekend!