Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Upcycled Thrift Store side table~

My Mother-In-Law has an obsession with clocks! I haven't even tried to count the crazy amount of them in her house, so when I stumbled across this little guy, I KNEW it was meant to be!
I was at the thrift store trying to find something of a  "vintage" nature for a friend to wear for a Victorian show. On my way out, I walked passed this little table!
Immediately I saw sanding and paint for the perfect birthday present!
The process looked like this!
Now' I've ready many things out using different paint and not having to sand, but I've got it embedded in my head to sand, so therefore I do!
It turned out perfect and looks SO MUCH better black!!
Annnnnd....I'm back on the hunt for the perfect gift...
I liked it so much I kept it for our house!!