Monday, August 6, 2012

Salmon Grill~

We FINALLY got to enjoy a little Summer weather!! Woo hoo...93 yesterday! That's pretty darn hot for us! Today's going to be in the 80's, so we're still able to soak up some sun!!
Along with great weather comes great BBQing!! I'm making some great shrimp bacon wraps tonight{which yes I will be sharing later}, but yesterday we enjoyed this....

Frozen Salmon from Costco {I thought there was no way this would be good, but it is!}

I start with making a little pan out of foil and cover the bottom with a thin layer of mayo.
{Since my hubby likes a little horseradish on his, he gets a separate pan!}
I place the salmon in it's little pan, put a semi thick coat of mayo on top along with Johnny's seasoning, garlic salt, lemon juice and tamed sliced Mezzetta's Jalapeno Peppers! I'm not a hot lover and these are the perfect little zip without needing a jumbo glass of milk! Actually, they're not spicy at all! Pop it on the grill and's really good! {If ya like seafood that is!}
The mayo on it "crisps" up and is FULL of flavor!