Thursday, July 12, 2012

Package Pal Gifts for ME!!~

Looky Looky what my wonderful Package Pal, Dana, from Our Life's Legacy, sent me! What a fun package to receive!! I truly enjoyed being matched up with Dana! I've learned over the past month....               1. We have things in common
                             2. She's a crafty chic
                             3. She's flat out funny!!! Great sense of humor! 
Look at this wonderful Fall Wreath! The "R" is actually on a thick piece of wood board!
I'll be sportin' it on the front door when the leaves start to change!

I Love a glass of wine now and then {preferably Moscoto!} and this is a fun little cork to dress up the bottle!

LOVE LOVE LOVE Stamps! You can do so much with them!!!

Who knew {not me!} you could make earrings out of paper clips! So fun! Not to mention, they match a fun little dress I got for the fourth of July!!

How sweet of Dana to think of my little one! I loved pick up sticks when I was a wee one! She even color coded them with paint from around her house! I know, crafty!!!

This was the first time I had participated in anything like this and I'll definitely be doing it again!!

BY THE WAY...Dont' forget to jump over to
It's from all her lovely gals sittin' on the sidebar (oh, that includes me! {smile})
It's one you don't want to miss!!!