Monday, July 23, 2012

Marvelous Monday!!~X3

There are so many great things about today!!!

1. I'm over at the lovely Jenny's, The NY Melrose Family, with a surprise giveaway!! Woo Hoo, love those!!

2. I'm also over at the super sweet Laura Beth's, A Step in the Journey, sharing a story that hits close to home to more women than I imagined.

3. OOOHHH....number 3!....

My daughter's been wanting a play house for at least 2 years now! First we thought she was too young, then my husband had his hip replaced, so no way could he build one! So, no play house for our spoiled, oops, "well loved" little bean! Until.... last week she got him to put up a tent out back that she could use as a play house. {Very clever little mind she has...}

Within a weeks time, has become this....which will end up being a wonderful playhouse!!
{He's working on it as I type!!!}

Woo hippity hoo!!!  My husband thinks I might be more excited than my daughter { I doubt that!}, but how can I not be?.. I can't wait to decorate!! Curtains...flower pots out front...LOVE IT!!!

Obviously, Kiley's very excited! I think her note to Dad says it all...

I better get out to help!!! Have a great day!!!