Friday, June 1, 2012

Through the lens Thursday~Heart photo's

Yes, I know today isn't Thursday, but I really wanted to post these yesterday and it didn't happen!
I love my home and where we live, but it's out in the sticks! O.k, not literally, but we are waaaay out and the Internet obviously doesn't like traveling that far {whenever it chooses}! That doesn't work for someone who loves to be on here!!
So, here I am at work posting this morning instead of "really working"!

Sadly my daughters cardiologist, whom we LOVE, is moving to Hawaii to practice there. He's been such a blessing to our daughter and our entire family that we wanted to make him a nice card before he left. Since I've been tinkering with my camera, here's the picture we ended up using...

It started like this:

I opened Corel Paint shop pro, made a duplicate layer, changed that to black and white, used the eraser tool to bring the color to her vest only!

This photo stuff if turning out to be quite fun!!