Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Old Ladder Picture Collage

It seems like when I FINALLY have time to fit some well needed crafting in, that everything goes KABOOM and I don't have time to share it!  Well, I've been lucky enough to Co-host and be a regular contributor at some pretty amazing blogs, so I better step up my game! This ladder has been collecting dust in my bedroom for years! Then, one night while getting my nightly "Pin" on, I found my inspiration here. It's a different ladder, but they all have space between the steps! I thought about painting it black, but quickly changed my mind and left it in it's natural state! It's warm, country and fits in perfectly with my "new room"! I'll be sharing all the little details of that soon! Not to mention, this  was a super easy project, but makes a big statement! I used 2 tiny hooks under each step and 2 on the top of each frame, then hooked them together! I used three 4 x 6 frames for the top three steps and 5 x 7's for the bottom three. With a little paint, they all match! LOVE IT!


  1. That's very clever!!! Is the ladder anchored to the wall?

  2. It's not, it's just opened up slightly! It's super old, so the way it's built it leans back instead of forward...if that makes sense! :)

  3. what an awesome idea.. love it and pinned :)