Friday, August 2, 2013

Living Room ~ Before & After

It's truly amazing what a simple coat of paint will do for an object or a room!
I'm an open addict about my obsession with paint!
I dabble with paint all the time, but it's always a larger canvas when my husband goes away on his yearly golf trip!
Last year it was our bathroom, laundry room and our daughters room!
This year it was our living room and our daughters room. Yes, Kiley's room got yet another coat of paint! After all, she is a year older! {SMILE!} Did I mention I'm a Paint-A-holic??
My husband had an idea that I was thinking of slapping some paint in the living room before he left and of course, he hemmed n' hawed about it and didn't think it needed to be done.
Well, how wrong he was and believe it or not, I think he'll even admit it! Not straight out, but he has said more than a handful of times how great it looks and what a difference in the warmth of the room it makes!
Yes honey, I was right and you're welcome!! {Happy Dance-Happy Dance!}
Here's what it looked like before...
And to be totally honest, my "before" was blurred, so I had to photo shop this one back to the "before"!
The nice cozy warmth of a new coat of paint!!
I LOVE IT and love how the decor stands out now!!
What Before and Afters have you done with paint? 
Feel free to leave a link of your masterpiece in the comments! I'd love to check it out and share!
                                                                Enjoy your