Friday, July 12, 2013

Homemade Heart Flag~

Years later and I still LOVE my cricut!!
I can hear my hubby asking, "Do you really need that? Won't it just end up in the closet?"
No, no and absolutely NOT! I'm surprised at how much I've used it! It was more than worth it to get up at 3a.m to hit the Black Friday Sale! Heck, I would have paid full price knowing what I know now! {But glad I didn't have too!}
I don't have every cartridge under the sun, like some, but I have a good handful. My go to favorites are Plantin Schoolbook (letters, hearts, shapes, gift bags) and
Serenade (trees, fruits, butterflies, flowers, bird cages).
For this little project I clearly needed hearts, which can be used on almost anything!
I started with this paper backing...
and quickly decided that it wasn't "rustic" enough to leave out for longer than the month of July.
So, I went to another love of mine, burlap! It warms anything up!
I cut a piece big enough to cover the back side,inked it up a bit to "weather" it and used spray adhesive to attach it.
Being addicted to inking, I inked all the edges of the hearts as well. It takes them from sticking out like a sore thumb, to warming into the project. I simply stuck those down with a glue stick!
This is where this little baby resides and I think it fits into my warm country decor year round if I so choose!
Don't you think a flag can stay out year round?
I think it wold have looked really cute with the blue being cut into stars as well...that was an after thought once it was completed! (;
                                           Enjoy your


  1. That is awesome. My mom loves country stuff like that, it'd look good in her house.

  2. I love the flag that you created, Kristy and think it's perfect for leaving out year-round.

  3. Sweet flag idea! Yes flags can stay out year round... as well as country bunnies ;-) I have about five sitting around my living room.