Thursday, March 15, 2012

Welcome to my Home Sweet Home...

As most of you know I have a "Country" Decorated home on the WHY don't I have anything inviting on the outside???...Well, now I do!!! I've always been against putting anything on my door, but maybe it's because I didn't have just the "right" thing??...
Since my new love has been burlap and felt, this fit perfect!
It's simply a straw wreath wrapped in burlap strips, felt rolled flowers, linen stampled with regular card stamp ink and twine! Super easy!...I think it turned out pertty darn cute!
I see sooooo many cute wreaths on Pinterst and really wanted to do one that I could 100% enjoy, I think this one I will!

I linked it over at Live.Laugh. Rowe (dont' forget today's her kick off!!!)
AND over at Young House Love!

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AND at The 36th Avenue
My entry into Show Me Extraordinary sponsored by Appliances Online and Bosch Washing Machines.
I'd love to win the $75 and buy as much bakers twine and felt as I could!!