Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bring on Spring!

Washington is not exactly the place you should live it you love the sunshine, but here I am! After 20 years you'd think I'd stop complaining about it...nope not gonna happen! I had to make a little of my own sunshine today on this rainy, snowy, cold grey day! With Easter right around the corner I might put a few small colorful eggs in it as well!
While I'm on the topic of wreath's...make sure to jump over to Gingersnap Crafts and check out their Pinspired & Rewired! (Button on the right sidebar!) I'm soooo excited for this because it MAKES me get crafty when I could easily make many excuses! You have 3 weeks to get your goods together after it's posted, so ya have plenty of time to be prepared!! Check out the details over there!! My wreath is almost finished and I have to's probably the best one I've ever done!! It's all my favorite fabrics right now and perfectly warm for my country home!! You have 2 weeks, better get started!!

Same wreath, but changing things up a little with Velcro accents!...